Feral and Community Cats

A community cat is a cat living outdoors, and may include stray and abandoned cats, indoor-outdoor pet cats, and feral cats. The distinction between stray (lost or abandoned) and feral is often difficult to pin down, but the definition for feral that everyone can agree on is “never socialized with humans."

Trap-neuter-return (TNR) is a program through which free-roaming cats (those without an owner) are humanely trapped, sterilized and medically treated, and returned to the outdoor location where they were found. 

For more information about feral cats and trap-neuter-return (TNR) in the metro Denver area, please visit The Feline Fix/Divine Feline website

Click here to learn more about Metro Denver C.A.T. (Cats Around Town), a collaboration of animal welfare groups working together to raise the value of cats, including community and feral cats.